Monday, August 12, 2019

Diana Rein Makes The Blues Accessible For Everyone

Blues music is a broad term for a large subset of music coming from Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, Mississippi and a host of other hamlets.This is a shape shifting genre that has plenty of room for the likes of Diana Rein who brings elements of pop and soul to the mix. Her voice is sweet, strong and confident. Her playing perfectly compliments her introspective lyrics birthed from painful experiences but brought to an accessible place for the listener. Ms. Rein's music, in a world where a true rock radio music format still existed, would be an overnight sensation. Her latest effort, Queen of My Castle is an exuberant celebration of the blues done Rein style.

"Yes I Sing The Blues" rocks on to your speakers with an airy bliss, featuring guitar licks that bite. The theme of self confidence and telling it straight, grip the grooves of this well produced record. "The Midnight Line" would be another pick hit on the radio, or at least indie radio. Diana's guitar effortlessly rings out tones that are creative and listenable. And while there are influences like Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rein has got her own signature on this. The title track exemplifies the strength through pain motif followed by some molten lava flowing out of Diana's guitar. "I Can't Quit You" nods hard to Cream but makes good use of some unused chords, taking it in it's own direction. Rein's voice is strong, sweet and sexy throughout and makes the ride through the castle even more enjoyable.

A collection of 15 songs and there are a few more diamonds. "Pure Soul" has a unique riff that immediately creates musical curiosity that builds towards the song's crescendo. "My Love" takes a more jazzy-blues jam ballad approach. This gives Rein a chance to stretch out and she takes full advantage of it. "Get Down" has elements of pop, but with the same enthusiasm while instantly singable and fun. "Worth" is another themed cut that has a well defined guitar riff which then gives way to a fiery solo. And then there's the fuzzy "Heat" which snarls, blisters and burns. Your ears might be a little singed after that one...but overall...

This album takes the listener on an impressive sonic journey and comes off polished and contemporary. This is the kind of collection that you could give to a non-blues fan and have them bopping their head while playing air guitar. The bouncy, punchy production adds a higher level of listener enjoyment. This is a blues rising star for sure. The queen has built quite a castle indeed.


  1. Good stuff, and congrats on the new name for the blog. I was more
    than a little bit worried when I could no longer find it under the old
    handle. Hard to believe that this smokin' hot blues powerhouse also acted
    in a couple o'films with Wacko Jacko's old buddy Macaulay Culkin!!