Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Little River Band @ Barbara B. Mann Center 2-15-19

The Little River Band continued their 44 year legacy with a crisp yet lucid performance on Friday night at the near sold out Barbara B Mann Center in balmy Fort Myers Florida. The weather has been near perfect, and the band's
set was similar. Elder statesman Wayne Nelson was in fine form as he crooned all the notable hits from a remarkably deep well of selections to choose from. However this isn't your dad's LRB. The band puts a new spin on most of their catalog. This includes longer guitar intros and new arrangements. The band opened with their first FM radio favorite, "It's A Long Way There". From that point they only strayed away briefly from their greatest hits CD. The two surprise tracks were both from the band's last studio album, "Cuts Like A Diamond". The audience responded warmly and enthusiastically to the two non hits. The rest of the 90 minute set was all about the good times and memories this band represents. The supporting cast of musicians in this group are all "A"- list players. All and all a perfect night of music in a beautiful part of the world.

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