Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Marty Stokes Should Be A Household Name On The Blues Scene

Marty Stokes is one of these guitar players that plays with both precision and a sense of fun. He wears his influences on this sleeve. His love for blues and classic rock is evidenced by his catalog of music. Steve Miller, Santana, Eric Clapton and John Doe (from the band X) are all well represented in Marty's presentation. Add in a saxophone provided by the great Jazzy Mazzy, and your interest in these songs will not wane. In fact all of the material from the three albums I can find makes a nice playlist if you are into the blues with some jazzy licks.

As a guy who isn't typically impressed by underground music, this stuff is really in a pro-league. The recordings all have great production value. The three albums that I have been playing on repeat shuffle are as follows...Leavin' Blues, Pick Up The Phone and Hear You Callin'. The last of which is done with the Captiva Band featuring the incredible saxophone work of Jennifer Mazziotti. There is heart and soul in these songs. And if you are a music fan with a penchant for blues, rock and R&B you owe it to yourself to listen to these fine songs.

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