Sunday, August 18, 2019

Karen Lawrence - One of The Finest Female Voices You'll Ever Hear!

Through a series of lucky breaks I have recently become acquainted with a vocalist who will completely blow your mind. Her name is Karen Lawrence. Her name should roll off the tongue like say, Bonnie Raitt or Melissa Etheridge or even Janis Joplin. Her vocals are rich with the kind of soul that elevates any song and can compete with any of the well known singers of our time. Her story actually dates back to the late 1960's when in high school her psychedelic blues band covered "Stone Free" and the torch was lit.

Karen's name was constantly appearing on best-of lists for industry insiders. Her talents have been utilized by Jeff Beck, Aerosmith and Cheap Trick to name just a few. But her brilliance is realized on one of the best live albums I've ever heard. 1997's "Live At The Lake" with her band Blue By Nature is a time capsule of raw blues-rock energy. Karen and her band roar through 13 amazing performances that harness a power that might be spiritual in nature. The only way this set doesn't stir your soul is if you don't have a pulse.

That album has been culled down to 8 remastered tracks and given to us again under the title of "Best of Live" with Karen's name at the top. From my mainstream perspective, this is like finding an alternative universe of greatness that runs parallel to all the music you are familiar with. And because many on this planet aren't familiar with Karen, it feels like the music industry owes her some recognition. Many blues rockers deserve accolades that never materialize. And Karen might be near the top of that list.

If you purchase one off-the-beaten track album this year, make it this new best of live collection. Life is short and not hearing this music would be a big omission to your bucket list.
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  1. I had the pleasure of playing with Karen for a time back in the seventies when we were in out 20s. She was a total pro then and is even better now, if that's possible. Amazing!