Monday, August 12, 2019

Odds Lane's Lost and Found Might Be It's Own Genre

Thanks to Gulf Coast Records for the advanced copy of Lost and Found by Odds Lane.

Every so often music comes along that doesn't fit neatly into a category. And with music formats beginning to all merge together, it's even harder to find original material that redefines what music can be.

Amazingly, a band called Odds Lane has done something truly unique and special on their third album entitled "Lost and Found". It begins on the opening rock and holler anthem "Don't Give It Away". These days guitar riffs with this much originality aren't easy to find. The track sets the stage for an album that borrows heavily from contemporary blues but takes generously from rock, pop, alternative, jazz and soul music. Guitar whiz Mike Zito handles the production which literally varies from song to song. "Seven States" picks up where "Don't Give" leaves off harnessing a big hook and more tasty guitar riffage.

The crazy thing, "Seven" could be a rockabilly song or a straight up blues number or with different tuning maybe swamp rock. But with the vocals and the melody being so prominent, it's accessible blues-rock with twists and turns. Zito posits his guitar generously on this project along with official band member Doug Byrkit. Byrkit and drummer Brian Zielle are Odds Lane. Just 2 guys creating all of this racket and they do it like no other band I've ever heard.

I was taken in by every track on this record with a big shout out to "Hard Rain" and the jazzy "Little Too Late". These guys can write songs that will occupy your musical consciousness long after the CD door pops open. The rest of the collection doesn't stay in one lane. And maybe that is the reason they are called Odds Lane. These two guys are a brain trust in a corporation that is breaking all of the musical rules. I dare anyone to put this in one category. You can't. And that's what makes "Lost and Found" a unique find in 2019. This is a very satisfying listen from start to finish with not one throwaway track.

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