Friday, August 23, 2019

Rock And Blues Muse Is Not A Site I Can Recommend

I have seen a lot of strange things since beginning my musical journey. But never have I encountered anyone who didn't want free publicity. I had a list of hyperlinks to articles written by Rock and Blues Muse on the sidebar of this website. I was told by the owner of said site that this was illegal. Interesting because these are links and not the articles themselves. I was trying to direct traffic to their site because I liked the content and thought my fans might enjoy it as well. This person came at me with all kinds of legal arguments that made no sense at all. I was an honest broker, just directing music lovers to where they could find other great sources of information. I would be flattered if someone put links to my YouTube channel or my blog on their page. I was not trying to publish the content from their page as my own. I can't even believe I am saying this or having to explain this to people. I may even do a video on the topic. Maybe someone can set me straight. RSS feeds are designed so people can find links to articles faster and easier. Needless to say I've removed this content. I was thrown out of a Facebook Group I really enjoyed and even blocked on Twitter by this person. All for directing traffic to their site. Apparently the road to promoting good new blues rock is paved with suspicious intentions.


  1. Apparently no good deed goes unpunished these days!! You'd think that the proprietor of that blues website would welcome the additional traffic. It's not like rock or blues,in general, is a very commercially viable at this point (if ever again?), so his
    stance in this regard makes absolutely no sense. Don't let such b.s
    get you down and keep up the good fight!!

    1. I tried over and over to explain to this woman how I was trying to help her. She acted like I was a Russian Agent or something. I love music and was really digging the FB group and the vibe of the entire scene. It's the same crap as the melodic rock people only with a new bias.