Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Stan Bush - The 80's "Single"

You really have to hand it to Stan Bush. He's been around since the 1980's and he's one of those artists who just missed main stream success. If you are a fan of The Transformers movie, you might remember The Touch, a tune that has been a cult favorite for years. Bush is one of those guys who understands the era and has never strayed from making music that revisits a better time for humanity.

The 80's is the latest offering from Stan. It borrows heavily from Def Leppard's Animal and at times feels like it should have been on a Survivor record. The keyboard parts all sound like they've been pillaged and plundered from Journey or Starship. Long live the 80's and thanks to Stan Bush we can be bold in our worship.


  1. You're dead-on about this great track being heavily indebted to Def Lep's
    "Animal", but you should really check out the great Canadian singer Stan
    Meisner's track called "I Need Your Love" from 1984 for an ever more
    spot-on tribute to Mutt Lange's production style circa "Pyromania". Quite uncanny for that period.

  2. I went and listened to Stan Meissner. Holy Crap Batman! Great stuff.

  3. Be sure to also check out "One Chance", "It's No Secret" and "River Of
    Fire" (also available on Youtube as a posthumously released Benjamin
    Orr track from an unreleased album). There is also his excellent
    Metropolis project with Peter Fredette from Kim Mitchell's band.