Monday, September 23, 2019

Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll Are Making Some Sweet Noise

Taking Our Time is a brand new album by blues rock duo Will Jacobs and Marcos Coll. Coll plays the harmonica. Jacobs plays guitar and sings. Like many American born and bred musicians, they set off to make a living in Europe. Their new album will make fans of traditional Chicago blues very happy. But this music should also appeal to the rock traditionalist as well.

The highlights include the funky opener, "It Ain't Safe". Jacobs makes his guitar talk in different tones throughout this project. "Goin' To Berlin" is a more traditional number with Coll's harmonica blaring alongside a thumping, familiar guitar riff. But guitar fans will enjoy the instrumental jam that ensues. "What You Doin'" returns to the funkiness of the opening track.

Vocally, Jacobs is a cross between Robert Cray and Lenny Kravitz. The simplicity of the arrangements and the live music feel make these songs very memorable. The band rocks out a busy instrumental called "C.J.'s Bounce". "Stranded" returns to some hardcore Chicago style with some stellar harmonica. Jacobs brings the funk back on "Hey Baby", which is really one of the more fun and memorable tracks on this collection. "Blues Cazorla Boogie" is a Chicago blues and swing hybrid. The dance floor is open and these two blues masters do not disappoint.

"One Too Many Times" is another classic blues riff and a familiar tale of being kicked to the curb. The boys then swarm in with their respective instruments and make a decent ruckus. "Goin' To Berlin" (recorded live) is the album's closing track. It's more of a front porch burner and it shows that these gentleman can bring it live. All and all a tasty little collection of catchy blues nuggets and certainly a worthy addition to your collection of blues staples.


  1. Just checked out some of their recent work on Youtube. Nice interplay
    between guitar and harmonica between these two. Be sure to check out
    the Nick Moss Band featuring Dennis Gruenling on Alligator Records for
    equally similar blues rock guitar/harp dynamics(that is, if they aren't already on your keenly-in-the-know blues rock lovin' radar!!

    1. Yes, love the Nick Moss Band and you are correct up the dynamics there. You might want to start a page for blues reviews my friend.

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