Friday, October 25, 2019

Molly Hatchet Returns With Mint-Sounding Live Track

In the whatever happened to this band category, we enter as proof of existence, the new live version of "Whiskey Man". An incredible track from Molly Hatchet's most celebrated album, Flirtin' With Disaster. These guys have been through a lot of ups and downs but they soldier on with no original members and a new singer, Jimmy Elkins.

The marketing for this group has given up on the United States. The 80's weren't kind to southern rock bands, and of course it was over in the 90's for good. Hatchet has been confronted with unprecedented tragedy, with various members dying at relatively young ages. Their European based label has taken the group under their wing, and in the process is making very respectable jam band style southern rock.

Molly Hatchet's catalog has many interesting moments. Their 2010 studio album Justice was 65 minutes of ball-busting bluesy hard rock. Fans overseas ate it up. This new live album promises to capture this current incarnation of the band and from this first example, it appears this franchise still has gas in the tank. Could a new studio album be in the works? Time will tell. For now we can indulge in some high quality live music production and pre-order the new disc which will be available on November 29th.
Pre-Order The New Molly Hatchet Album Here!


  1. Just caught your recent video on this subject and then immediately
    went to listen to the initial focus track of "Whiskey Man". New guy is
    sounding like he fits in perfectly, but is the band now down only
    to a single guitarist? Perish the thought! And couldn't agree more
    with your thoughts about the awesome "Satisfied Man" from late '84/early '85. According to SetlistFM (so it must be true, natch!),
    that track hasn't been performed live since '85. Massive production
    from Terry Manning on that one, similar to his incredible work with
    Ten Years After on their "About Time" album from the late summer of
    '89. Gotta love their a-kickin' tune "Highway of Love" from that barnburner of an AOR classic!!

  2. Great memory sir! Like Ten Years After meets the Atlanta Rhythm Section, but with added guitar kick.

  3. Exactly, although the hippie purists on YouTube still aren't feelin' it
    even thirty years later!! Plus with the added bonus value of backing
    vocals from the sublime Jimi Jamison, at the peak of his vocal prowess...