Saturday, October 26, 2019

Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival Is A Blues-Rock Feast For The Ears

I tend to freak out when I hear new music that is original and organic. Much of it has to do with the way music was once made on the big stage. Most of that music has gone underground and is harder to find. Finding Jennifer Lyn and her band The Groove Revival was like discovering an uncharted island somewhere in the south Pacific. What's more amazing is that this music is not on the radio anywhere. I'm a guy who watches the blues-rock charts via Roots Music Report, and I don't remember seeing this fine band on there.

Badlands opens with a guitar riff that instantly hooks you hard. Jennifer sings with back-alley soul. There's something tough in her phrasing that buoys the grooves she's playing. "Burned It Down" is the song in question and it contains some sweet, sweet soloing followed by some great chord combinations. This would be a hit on any rock station if the music industry rewarded artists based on merit. Amazingly, track two, "Badlands", keeps the momentum going with more original guitar licks, and studio production that feels very Cream-like in it's approach but with a more contemporary touch. "Let Go This Time" has some well constructed background answer vocals to Jennifer's perfect phrasing. I would be wrong not to mention similarities to the great Laurie Morvan. I would say I enjoy The Groove Revival more because of Lyn's soulful delivery and that fuzz-tone guitar sound.

Other big highlights include "Anything But Me", the bass-line of which might recall the Allman Brothers on "Whipping Post". "Gonna Let You Go" is another track that has some very creative riffing and strong, soulful vocals. "West To Bismark" is yet another modern Cream sounding track, followed by an acoustic ballad called "Goodnight Sweet Darling" that has a touch of the classic Greensleeves. A very fitting ending to a powerful collection of original, blues-based rockers. I really loved the production quality of this album and it can't be understated how clean and melodic sounding the music is. This is an artist that has a bright future.


  1. Yet another stellar pick and not just sure if it's me, but the opening
    to her tune "Badland" has a guitar riff very similar to ZZ Top's immortal "Just Got Paid" and there is perhaps a little bit of E.. Clapton's 1985 AOR gem "Forever Man" in there too. Love the production, especially the beefy bottom end. Definitely worth further exploration on my part. And that track you mentioned with a bassline akin to "Whipping Post" also sounds quite promising. Thanks again for the excellent musical curation, Sir!!

    1. Thanks as usual! I have been a bit all over the place lately. There is good music out there that doesn't fall into normal categories.