Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Station's "A Matter of Time" A Blissful Melodic Rock Indulgence

Indie rock in New York City has taken an odd twist. A band that combines 80's glam, rock and pop, and does so without sounding like everyone that ever was. Sure the lead riff on this track has an almost Zeppelin feel to it. And vocalist Patrick Kearney sounds like a cross between Paul Stanley and Kingdom Come's Lenny Wolf. But add a dose of swing to this track and you've got a song that rocks with style. I mean those opening guitar hooks are a thing of beauty for your ears to behold. The story line is lifted from the annals of rock songs where men are pursuing that perfect, beautiful woman. The production on this record is big, bold and clean.

Try not have to have the line "It was just matter of time until I met you" lodged in your cerebral cortex for the rest of the day. Drummer Tony Baptist slams, crashes and pounds his way through this track, adding another dimension - 1970's hard rock. The Station has arrived. Their new album "Stained Glass" is available for pre-order. It drops on November 1st.

Pre-Order Station's New Album Here!


  1. Fantastic track and your're certainly 100 per cent dead on with your
    vocal comparisons to Paul Stanley and Lenny "Kingdom" Wolf! And, once
    again, it is indeed an absolute pleasure to hear a contemporary hard rockin' track properly recorded and with the correct production
    techniques. Please be sure to continue sharing more great picks like
    this one ASAP!!

  2. Forgot to mention this in my first comment, but my absolute fave
    near, one-hit-wonder track in that seventies bluesy hard rock vein
    is "Lone Wolf" from the obscure, long-defunct Finnish act Havana Black
    and their 1988/89 track "Lone Wolf". Best Paul Rodgers approximation
    ever, IMHO! And that second Station track you recommended was aces
    as well, so once again, thanks for that!

    1. We played that on the radio station I worked at in '89. Paul Rodgers but with fatter hooks! We used to get calls on the song all the time thinking Bad Co had booted Brian Howe and got Paul back in the group.

  3. Robert Hart was a better fit for Bad Co. during his brief tenure with
    that band, but totally loved that band's Mick Jones-co-produced/Foreigner
    knock-off album "Fame & Fortune" is a musically-precocious 13 year old!!

  4. That album certainly rocked harder than Foreigner were able to at that
    point, give or take a handful of sleeper tracks on the following year's
    underrated, if over-keyboarded "Inside Information' platter!